Specific lipogel in the prevention and contrast of imperfections and discomfort due to the loss of trophism of the microcirculation. It fights superficial imperfections and signs of fatigue and tiredness of the legs. Edema, telangiectasias, hematomas from capillary fragility or following invasive treatments (post-scrotherapy, mesotherapy, etc.), panniculitis and diabetic skin, are some of the indications in which AngioKrym is specific. It performs this function thanks to the use of Plant Stem Cells from Ajuga Reptans rich in Phenylpropanoids , secondary metabolites with strong antioxidant, astringent and antimicrobial properties to which they owe their main activity.

The use of plant stem cells represents the real new frontier in the field of functional cosmetics and AngioKrym, which contains them, represents the true high-tech cosmeceutical of high research.


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