A sanitizing gel is an alcohol-based solution that cleanses without rinsing and drying hands.

A good sanitizer contains denatured ethyl alcohol in a percentage ranging from 60-80%. Once a sufficient amount of product is poured onto the palm of the hand, it evaporates quickly in contact with the air, neutralizing bacteria and dirt .

Depending on how and how much the hands are used and the conditions in which they are found, there will be a greater or lesser duration of effectiveness. In any case, it is advisable not to exceed the application since the alcoholic derivatives of the solution can sensitize and irritate the epidermis.

Hand sanitizing gel: how and when to use it?

The now renowned sanitizing gels are the ideal alternative for cleaning your hands when you are away from home and cannot be washed with soap and water.

The hands are among the most ‘social’ parts of our body, always in contact with atmospheric agents, surfaces and carrying out involuntary daily actions that expose them to the risk of accumulation of bacterial load and dirt, vehicle of possible infections: just think of a simple handshake, when you are traveling, on public transport or after touching money or objects handled by other people. For this reason it is important to wash your hands often and thoroughly or use, in the absence of water and detergent, a sanitizing gel.

Our Fastigen Hand Sanitizer , in the 65 ml and 75 ml, with its compact pack it is easy to have in your bag or jacket pocket, always at hand when you are away from home. Also available in the 400 ml format for commercial activities and offices or to be kept at the entrance to your home. It is also advisable not to touch your eyes, nose and mouth before washing your hands.

The sanitizing gel is useful on various occasions such as:

  • Traveling, on public transport such as airplanes, trains, subways, buses, trams
  • Away from home , for a walk, if you eat something or after touching objects in a shop or supermarket or handling money
  • After using the toilet , taking out the trash, lacing up or touching your shoes
  • After having contact with an animal or with tools connected to it (toys, leashes, etc.)
  • When you blow your nose, sneeze or cough , you shake someone’s hand
  • Before treating a wound , taking medicine or after coming into contact with a sick or injured person



To apply the gel in the best possible way and allow its function to be explained, there are movements very similar to washing hands with soap and water: apply a small knob of product on the palm and massage the two hands, distributing the solution from the back to the wrist and between the fingers and nails. For a homogeneous cleansing, it is advisable to remove rings and bracelets, rubbing until completely dry.

We recommend the correct disposal of the bottle, once the product is finished.

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