Cream with a light texture that is rapidly absorbed, ultra-delicate and silky. It prevents and attenuates pathological and non-pathological dry skin phenomena.

Age, external atmospheric agents, smog, chemical agents and some skin diseases are among the most common factors that can determine the appearance of loss of brightness, itching, a feeling of roughness and tightness of the skin, unmistakable signs of a skin. poorly hydrated. Reidravis ensures the correct skin trophism and protects it thanks to the synergy of highly selected active ingredients with undisputed moisturizing, anti-dehydrating, elasticizing, restructuring and emollient properties, capable of intervening at 360 ° on the various factors that can determine the weakening of the hydro-lipid barrier < u> intercorneocytic with consequent appearance of skin dryness.

Collagen and Hyaluronic Acid perform an anti-dehydrating function, the Trealix moisturizes the skin by simulating the function of NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), Rosa Mosqueta oil protects against hypolipid phenomena, while Lactobionic Acid </ em> has an antioxidant and repairing function. Enriched with UV-A and UV-B filters, it protects the skin during short sun exposure.

Free of preservatives and Petrolatum (petroleum jelly).


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