Cosmeceutical adjuvant in the treatment of skin reactions and symptoms of superficial chemical phlebitis following the intravenous administration of acid or basic, hypo or hypertonic solutions and chemotherapy drugs.

The symptoms are characterized by the presence along the course of the vessel of erythema, edema and pain, followed by venous sclerosis, superficial thrombosis and skin hyperpigmentation. Kemioflebit is a lipogel based on specific active ingredients for the prevention and treatment of some of these phenomena. The Heparin and the Phytosome Escin thanks to the undisputed anti-edema and capillary protective properties, favor the reduction of edematous states improving the trophism of the microcirculation. The formula is also enriched with fat-soluble extract of Arnica which thanks to the terpene content is active on inflammatory states and with Aloe vera which accelerates skin repair processes. The lightening function is ensured by Sodium Thysulfate , a powerful chelating agent active on metal ions, favoring the reduction of stains resulting from hemosiderin accumulation. Finally, menthol gives an immediate sensation of freshness, lightness and well-being.

It does not contain potentially allergenic substances such as perfumes and preservatives, free of occlusive and comedogenic excipients.


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