Specific evanescent emulsion on mild and moderate acne vulgaris and in folliculitis.

The functionality of the product in countering the major causes found in the pathogenesis of acne, such as hyperkeratinization, hyperseborrhea, bacterial colonization and inflammatory processes, is to be attributed not only to the functionality of its active ingredients, Salicylic acid 2%, Deodorized Sulfur 0.5%, Niacinamide (vit. PP 4% ), but above all to the synergy with enhancement that is obtained with their combination. The ß-hydroxyacids and Bisolfur Fluid perform smoothing and skin-purifying activities and the keratolytic action of Salicylic Acid accelerates the removal of superficial dead cells favoring the release of the blackhead from its sebaceous content and facilitating the disappearance of post-acne brown spots.

Gram Acne keeps the skin in ideal hygienic conditions by helping to inhibit microbial proliferation thanks to the antimicrobial properties of Sulfur and Niacinamide.


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