Mannocist-D is a class II medical device based on D-Mannose useful for the treatment of cystitis and for the prevention of relapses.

Mannocist-D sachets is able to inhibit the adhesion of bacteria responsible for urinary tract infections, at the level of the urethral and bladder epithelium, to promote their elimination through the urine and thus limit the onset of infections.

D-Mannose can be used both in acute urinary tract infections and in their relapses. The concomitant use of Mannocist-D with antibiotics and antimicrobials can promote the functionality of the latter by increasing the patient’s adherence to therapy.


The clinical study conducted on 43 patients shows that Mannocist-D significantly reduces the relapse rate (4.5% vs 33% of placebo) and rapidly attenuates:

  • Burning
  • Itching
  • Inflammation

Also available intimate cleanser and cleansing mousse for intimate hygiene in the Cosmeceuticals / Intimate, Face and Body Cleansing category.


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