Ultra-delicate antimicrobial hand gel, useful in case of unavailability of water and soap. Rich in antimicrobial substances, it counteracts the accumulation of impurities while keeping the hands in ideal hygienic conditions. It evaporates quickly and does not need to be rinsed.

Non-sticky, non-greasy, does not dry the skin and gives the hands a pleasant lemon scent.

Fastigen is made in compliance with the highest standards of quality and safety, dictated by the National Institute of Health in the cosmetic field:

  1. control of incoming raw materials for each batch, by means of a spectrophotometer
  2. production cycle control
  3. chemical / physical and microbiological control of the output product, with titration of the antimicrobial active ingredients

Fastigen was subjected to a study to verify the sanitizing function in normal conditions of use.

The test was performed on 12 volunteers divided into two groups, one of which treated with Fastigen, while the other with simple water. On both groups the microbial load was measured before and after washing and at the end of the operation it was found that on the volunteers treated with Fastigen, the average reduction of the bacterial load was about 91% against 50% found on volunteers treated with plain water.

It can therefore be said that the Fastigen product is effective in reducing and controlling the microbial load normally present on the skin of the hands.


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