Rich cream, but not greasy, free of preservatives and occlusive substances, also specific for delicate skin that tends to be intolerant. Cosmetic adjuvant in the treatment of irritation and cracking. A modern version of water-based pasta, it performs its absorbent and soothing function thanks to the presence of a particular and refined corn starch.

Its use gives the product considerably better cosmetic properties than the common zinc pastes intended to create real mash that are not manageable and difficult to spread. Thanks to the combined action of active ingredients with absorbent and protective action such as Fat-soluble starch and Zinc Oxide and natural with marked soothing, anti-reddening and skin-restoring properties such as Beta-glycyrrhetic acid, Alpha Bisabolo, unsaponifiable sheep oil, Panthenol (Vit.B5), Sweet Almond Oil and Mallow Mucilage < / strong>, Dermamid paste quickly reduces irritation and promotes skin repair phenomena, giving a pleasant sensation of new-found well-being. Specific to each change of nappy or nappy. Not comedogenic.


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