Specific cream for the cosmetic treatment and protection of hands and nails.

The protective function is entrusted to the Baycusan® contained in its formula, a sought-after polymer with film-forming activity, widely used in make-up for its exceptional water resistance and absolute skin tolerability which isolates the skin protecting it from aggressive external factors and ensuring a constant degree of hydration The repairing action is instead due to Filagrinol® , a selected natural ingredient capable of increase the production of filaggrin, the protein responsible for the aggregation of keratin filaments, which are essential in the formation of the barrier.

Useful for all those who carry out manual work, NEW XEROLEN MANI is not greasy and absorbs quickly. The high tolerability of its ingredients and the total absence of preservatives and fragrances make the product suitable even for delicate and basically intolerant skin.


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