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Lightening lipogel, free from perfumes, preservatives and occlusive substances, it absorbs quickly and leaves no residual greasiness. Indicated for the treatment of face, neck and décoletté. The active ingredients contained in it act by reducing dark spots on the skin (freckles, freckles, age spots, melanosis, chloasma or melasma) and slowing their reappearance. It absorbs quickly and does not leave the annoying sensation typical of hydrophilic gels on the skin but a pleasant sensation of softness and silkiness. Neo Kogic acts through a double mechanism of action:

phase I: visibly reduces blemishes from the very first applications thanks to the synergy of Glycolic Acid at 10% which smoothes the skin by eliminating surface residues of oxidized melanin and ‘ Eureko HC , a peroxide that decolourises the stain, considerably reducing its visibility;

phase II: thanks to the activity of Arbutin (precursor of hydroquinone extracted from Ursina), of Kojic acid and Vitamin C prevents the formation of new spots by inhibiting melanin and reducing the reappearance of hyperchromias thus ensuring a long-lasting mechanism of action.


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