Jovita Osmocell is a class II medical device, with cryogenic and osmotic action, specific for the treatment of cellulite, capable of intervening on the main factors that determine it, namely water retention and structural alteration of the adipose tissue.

The exclusivity of the formulation is based on an emulsion capable of stably incorporating a high concentration of Sodium Chloride , which makes it highly hypertonic. In contact with the skin, the emulsion thus formulated activates a physical-osmotic process that releases the liquids accumulated between the fat cells, thus favoring their subsequent elimination and, consequently, the reduction of inflammation of the adipose tissue. The cryogenic action and the caffeine indirectly favor the elimination of liquids with a consequent further reduction of the “orange peel” skin.

It does not contain iodine derivatives, preservatives and mineral oils. The massage enhances the action on the microcirculation and in addition gives the skin a pleasant scent. See all the products of the Jovita www.jovitashop.it


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