Rich cream, but not greasy, free of preservatives, perfumes and occlusive substances, specific for delicate skin that tends to be intolerant. It performs a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory function, thanks to the synergism of Glycyrrhetic Acid (obtained from licorice) and Sorbitil Silonol </ strong >, (broad spectrum antiradical obtained from the complexation of sorbitol with a silicon molecule, both with recognized anti-erythematous properties). Due to these characteristics it is indicated in the treatment of peeling post-treatment results or associated with aggressive topical therapies (retinoids, benzoyl-peroxide, etc.).

Rich in emollient substances such as Beeswax and Shea Butter it deeply nourishes the skin, giving it a soft and silky appearance. Glycyrrhetic acid and Bisabolol perform their soothing function by counteracting redness and non-pathological irritation of the skin from external (environmental stress, sweat, light sunburn from UV rays, slight mechanical truma, chemical peels, etc.). Thanks to its particular emollient base, Derit can be successfully used in the prevention of hypertrophic and keloid scars. The constant supply of NMF contained in Derit keeps the skin hydrated, helping to recreate normal balance.


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